Sheringham High School from 9:00-13:30hrs. 


Each activity Day will focus on the Fundamentals of Athletics:

Working on the basic principles of strengthening the inner core base of all our athletes as well as offering the athlete an introduction to Seven exciting elements of athletics. (Sprint Endurance session, Vortex, Discus, Shot Put, Long Jump, Indoor Hurdles and Relay baton control)

Athletes will come to learn the basic movements of running, Jumps and throwing and each activity day will support the athlete to refine these movements into sport specific skills.  Fundamental movement skills are very important in the physical development of an athlete and when a novice is confident and competent with these skills, they can develop sport-specific and complex movement skills. 

Being physical literate may lead an individual to a longer term interest and enjoyment of physical activity. 

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2019 Dates:

Friday July 26th

Friday August 02nd

Friday August 09th

Friday August 23rd

Friday August 30th

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