SwanSports coaching provides the opportunity to deliver a range of structured curriculum activities focusing on the fundamentals of movement, dance, core strength, cardio fitness, through to endurance development.


SwanSports are able to provide year-round support, based upon the school requirements.  All coaching plans are designed to meet specific learning outcomes as requested by the school curriculum.


Allow SwanSports to provide your class teachers with the recommended percent of teaching time away from the direct learning environment.  Regular bookings provides schools a foundation for teachers to have adequate PPA time each week, while the students benefit from a Physical Training Programme of Enrichment, encompassing social, physical and mental wellbeing.  


Fully qualified, risk averse, contact us for more information.

Current Days available: Thursday and Fridays.

One Coach: £25:00 per hour.

Coach and Coaching Assistant:  £45:00 per hour.

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