Fundamentals of Running - Ages 5-7

For those athletes who just like to run. The session will focus on the fundamentals of running; working on the principles of strengthening the inner core base; offering the athlete an insight in to the technique of running, running drills, endurance run session, sprint start & sprint training; finishing with some fun interaction running games.

Athletes will come to learn the basic movements of running, and each activity will support the athlete to refine these movements into more defined movement techniques.

Fundamental movement skills are important in the physical development of an athlete and when an athlete is confident and competent with these skills, they can develop sport-specific and complex movement skills; supporting their running journey.

To book your place:

Sheringham Recreation Ground

Every Thursday

Starting from 27th September 2018.

Time: 16:00 - 17:00 hrs.

Price: £4:00

Family bookings

£7:00 x 2 

£9:00 x 3

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